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I-Opener Crew

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Kathy Whitham - Event Entrance

Kathy is a Parenting Coach, Poet, Mom & Grammy can be spotted dancing anywhere she hears the music that moves her soul - R&B, Soul, Reggae, World. She believes connection matters more than perfection. Taking her experience as a nurse, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher and artist, along with extensive study of trauma and brain development, she created No-Yell™ parenting, a model designed to empower parents to avoid power struggles and nurture deeper, more connected family relationships. She is passionate about giving children a voice and contributing to an emotionally healthy world. 

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Stacey Ann & Emily - Kids Corner Creators

This daughter/mother duo is set out to INSPIRE the world through love and play! Stacey holds many titles but her single most important one is being a mother. She believes play and imagination are two of the most fundamental components for children to hold onto as they grow and for those who are grown to never forget.


Together they bring an uplifting vibrant energy full of wonder to not only our kid’s corner but to everyone in our community. Their desire is to create a fun open space for both children and adults of all ages to play!

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Helen (Altar Mistress) & David Cymbala

Helen Cymbala has been dancing for over 50 years.  For 30 of those years she has also been teaching about and facilitating seasonal rituals, and is ordained through the Society of Elder Faiths.  That's why it gives her such joy to set up the altar and meditation area at I-Opener each month!  She and her husband David are regulars at DNE dance camp, and the rest of the year they live in northern Massachusetts.

"You are invited to draw and read cards, meditate at the altar, and explore inspiration from the themes explored through elements presented each month.  Please respect the sacred space and the ritual objects... they are designed and arranged with love and intension."

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Chandra Cantor - Yoga Warmup

Chandra was introduced to yoga by her parents and took classes on and off through her teens. She began teaching yoga in 1996 and has traveled the world, studying various styles, from Astanga to Iyengar and everything in between. Her teaching style is strongly influenced by the White Lotus Flow Series, Eric Shiffmann, and a mindful melding of many other styles and teachers.

Chandra brings an ease and grace to the practice of Vinyasa Yoga. Encouraging students of all levels to feel comfortable in their personal practice while gently playing with the edge of possibility and growth. 

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Susie Michelle (Photography)

Susie's love of photography began when she took a photojournalism class in Italy during summer 2008 traveling to Rome, Florence, Venezia and Etruscan ruins surrounding Tuscania with the class. For her final project, she had the fortune of journaling the lives of the people of Tuscania and since then she has been inspired to document all of the places she has traveled to near and far - in a variety of sites and settings throughout New England (festivals, fairs, events), Colombia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, and Chile.. honing intuition and developing skill.  Though I-Opener uses a variety of photos from many sources, Susie's professional offerings are most adored.

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Seth Monk (Seth Monk Meditate)

Seth has been with I-Opener since it's first event in Feb. 2015 to support it's space and growth.  A Buddist Monk and world traveler, Seth works as a meditation teach with the Massachusetts Institue of Technology.  He founded Awakened Tours and leads trips of memorable life experiences infused with meaning, connection, and fun!  A Boston native, Seth is also conducts Kundalini healing treatments to remove blockages, open channels, and relieve the being from physical, mental, and emotional duress.  He often assists with set up of the space and now leads our opening grounding exercise.

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