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It all started with a search for Chai...

"Let's not start driving just yet..."

After a tasty breakfast with our overnight hosts and dear friends we wanting to linger just a little longer in the beautiful morning sunshine before the long drive back to Western Mass.  


"Let's find some Chai"

We checked to make sure the car was still where we left it and started walking along the sidewalk through the quiet Sommerville neighborhoods.  Conversation meandered as pleasantly as our stroll and as we vaguely aimed for where we believed coffee shops might be found.

A sandwich board advertising a cafe outside and odd looking building drew our attention and with drinks in hand we drifted into the hall... both eyes wide, silent, minds buzzing with visions of the dance we always wanted to bring to Boston manifesting in such an incredible space!  Three months later we held the first I-Opener Dance at the Sommerville Armory, with a simple set up and 42 dancers we dove into a morning of blissful movement and connection...

Since Feb 2016 we have had dozens of musicians, artists, composers, guides, and thousands of dancers co-create our monthly dance experiences to nourish our love of creative expression and community. We are blessed to have such a dance family to bring such inspiration and bliss into all our lives for many years to come!

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