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A Cacao Infused Ecstatic Dance Journey


Welcome to a new experience... 

Dancing heart magic through the ceremonial practice of Cacao consumption. This will be a new monthly offering combining connection and movement through authentic relating, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, mindfulness, presence-ing, sound baths, and more. We'll welcome facilitators, musicians, teachers, DJs, guides, and artists to co-create experiences inviting heart opening enjoyment, expression, and expansion.

Join us on this monthly journey to dance with love... 

                                                                              ... and see what's possible 💜



                            7:45 pm Doors open, Welcome
                            8:00 Opening Circle & Cacao Ceremony
                            8:10 Warmup & Connection
                            8:30 Heart Opening DJ'd Ecstatic Dance
                            10:00 Soundscape Integration
                            10:25 Closing Circle



Event Includes

~ Cacao Drinks ~
~ Facilitated Warmup/Connection ~
~ Elixirs & Chill Lounge ~
~ Ecstatic Dance Wave ~
~ Soundbath & Integration ~



Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations via our page!

HeartBeats is produced by DJ Journey Weaver

Ecstatic Dance is happening every week in the Pioneer Valley
Find out more at Ecstatic Northeast - Event Production

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