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Luminus Journey DJ DUO

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From the old world and the new... Luminus Journey

are a dynamic team of musical alchemists bringing flavors from travels all over the world to your dance floor in a

co-created musical delight.

Journey Weaver  

Creating sets fueled by luscious melodies and brainwave beats to drop you into the rhythms of your soul and move your body in sweet delight. Journey fell in love with the dance and exploring the world in the ever evolving adventure of life. Her sets range from morning ambient flow to midnight EDM peak, chill downtempo to beachside moombahton, world beats ecstatic dance to festival deep house.

DJ Luminus

Playing a colorful mix of world fusion, balancing electronic & organic flavors for ecstatic dances, CI jams & festivals. Luminus aims for dance journeys that work out all of your brain lobes and engage your body, mind and spirit. Luminus combines his work with human dimensions and musical theory to invite moving with all parts. His mixes are inspired by both electronic and organic music infused with beats from all over the globe.

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Together they facilitate regular ecstatic dances in Boston and Western Mass (I-Opener Dance & FlowHow)... along with supporting each other’s independent projects (Ecstatic Dance Boston, Vortex, Eros, Mandala Dance, HeartBeats), as well as playing at festivals and events around the world.  "Luminus Journey" specializes in community building gatherings and creating experiences of connection and transformation through guided movement, authentic relating, interactive art, compassionate communication, and ecstatic dance! 

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