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I-Opener with INCUS: New Chapters January 14, 2018

Hello dance tribe! We miss you.

Get safely through the holidays and join us dancing in January. Our guests - live band INCUS, (back by popular demand ) will send us on an ecstatic dance journey, followed by DJ beats. Let’s raise our energy, our best intentions and step together into the New Chapters of 2018.

Yoga warm up with Chandra Cantor, community art, activities for kids and more ...

Admission: $15 - $20 sliding scale, students $10 w/ID, kids under 15 free

Share the event and invite friends you want to have there.

For possible work exchange + shifts contact Sarah or Marek.

The uplifted dancing space is considered to be sacred. We abstain from social talk and dance without shoes. You may participate in the dance or just enjoy witnessing. There’s interactive art, space for prayer or meditation, a zone for flow toys, and a kids corner with family activities.

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