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Current Event/Paymet

I-Opener is BACK!!
... in person events most months,
2nd or 3rd Sundays, 10:45 am BOSTON

Sunday, May 14th (2nd Sunday this Month!)
Mother's Day ~

SPECIAL LOCATION!!!  Mystic Lakes Park, Medford MA
DJ: Journey Weaver (Boston, Western MA)

Sunday, June 18th

Warmup: TBD
.... maybe held at either the Armory
or Outside if the weather's too nice to be indoors!


Sunday, Nov. 13th (2nd Sunday this Month!)

Warmup: Chandra Cantor (Yoga), DJ: Omar Aena (NYC)
Sunday, January 15th
Warmup: Katerina Tzouganaki (Somatic Grounding) 
DJ: Journey Weaver (Western Mass)

Sunday, Fe
bruary 19th
Warmup: Nikki Li (Dance Connection)
DJ: Michael Swerdloff (Providence, RI)

Sunday, March 19th

Warmup: Chandra Cantor (Yoga)
DJ: Journey Weaver (Boston, Western MA)

Sunday, April 16th

Warmup: Alice Heller (African Dance)
DJ: Michael Swerdloff (Providence, RI)
Our dances are a colorful mix of world fusion music balancing electronic and organic flavors... wether it's connecting with community or letting the beats inspire your movement,
our events are sure to provide a rich experience that nourishes the heart and feeds the soul!

    Arrival (10:45 am)
    Opening Circle & Warmup 
    DJ'd Ecstatic Dance
    Closing circle

Move as you wish a in a judgement-free space, all ages and backgrounds welcome, engage as little or as much as you like. You may participate in the dance or just enjoy witnessing. There’s interactive art, space for prayer or meditation, a zone for flow toys, an altar for reflection, and places to simply see friends .... I-Opener is experience for everyone. 
Dance Barefoot
No Talking on the Dancefloor
Respect for Others
Substance Free Space
Stay Hydrated

Digital Device Free Space 
Practice Presence
Spread the word!

Upcoming Events & Guests:

Sunday, Mar. 19th
TBD (Yoga), DJ: TBD (  )

Sunday, Apr 16th

Sunday, May 14th
(2nd Sunday this month!)

Sunday, June 18th

July - No Dancing 
(Enjoy summer adventures!)

Sunday, Aug. 20th

Sunday, Sept. 17th

Sunday, Oct. 15th

Sunday, Nov. 19th

Sunday, Dec. 17th
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