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I-Opener is currently taking place online every Sunday at 10 am EST
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I-Opener Virtual Dance:
[ For safety a one time pre-registration is required at
least 2 hrs prior to an event. Once reviewed Zoom
password will be emailed to you ]
Our dances are a colorful mix of world fusion music balancing electronic and organic flavors... wether it's connecting with community or letting the beats inspire your movement,
our events are sure to provide a rich experience that nourishes the heart and feeds the soul!
    Arrival (10am)
    Opening Circle & Warmup
    DJ'd Ecstatic Dance
    Closing circle
Move as you wish a in a judgement-free space, all ages and backgrounds welcome, engage as little or as much as you like. You may participate in the dance or just enjoy witnessing. There’s interactive art, space for prayer or meditation, a zone for flow toys, and a kids corner with family actives. Occationally we donate a percentage of our proceeds to support a local cause. 

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Dance Barefoot
No Talking
Respect One an Other
No Drugs or Alcohol
No Cell Phones 
Stay Hydrated
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I-Opener Dances

Boston: 10am - 12:30pm

Most 4th Sundays

Western MA: 10am-Noon

 Most 2nd Sundays


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